Zewar Taleem Program Online Apply For 13000 Rupees

Education has always been the cornerstone of a thriving society, and the Zewar Taleem Program stands as a beacon of hope for countless children in Pakistan. Aimed at supporting education through scholarships, this initiative has been a game-changer for families in need. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to apply for the Zewar Taleem Program and unlock its benefits.

What is the Zewar Taleem Program?

The Zewar Taleem Program is a scholarship initiative that offers a monthly scholarship of 3000 rupees to eligible students in 16 districts. The criteria for eligibility include an 80% attendance record in government schools. This program aims to support students in their educational journey, fostering better learning outcomes and brighter futures.

Who Can Join Zewar Taleem Program?

Primarily targeting girls enrolled in government schools across specific districts including Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalnagar, Agra Cheniot, Jhang, Khanewal, and more, this program focuses on empowering education for young females in these areas. If you’re a parent or guardian wondering if your child qualifies, ensure their school administration or the District Management (DM) office has their ID card registered for enrollment.

How to Apply for the Zewar Taleem Program?

Registration for this program is pivotal. Parents or guardians can connect through HBL agents registered on Alfa or via biometrics from UBL Omni agents. A vital step after registration involves the verification process through biometrics, ensuring authenticity before receiving funds from the nearest cashout agent linked to your mobile number.

Important Dates and Installments

The upcoming year, 2024, holds promise as the Zewar Taleem Program is set to release double installments for eligible beneficiaries. Starting from January 1, children receiving 4000 rupees will now receive 8000 rupees in two installments. This substantial increase in support emphasizes the program’s commitment to fostering education in these districts.

Collecting Funds and Additional Support

For those yet to receive the latest Rs. 8500 or any pending funds, the opportunity to collect them from nearby centers still stands. Remember, for every transaction, the registered ID and original ID card must be presented.


The Zewar Taleem Program Online Apply For 13000 Rupees signifies a stride towards an educated, empowered future for young girls in these select districts. By providing monetary aid and support, not only encourages education but also ensures that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of knowledge. Stay updated and seize the opportunity for your child’s brighter tomorrow through this invaluable initiative. Apply today, because education knows no bounds, especially when supported by programs like Zewar Taleem.

Eligible Districts
Dera Ghazi Khan
Agra Cheniot
Leh Muzaffargarh
Pak Patan
Rahim Yar Khan

The Zewar Taleem Program is not just a scholarship initiative; it’s a gateway to a brighter, empowered future for young girls in these districts. Apply now and unlock the door to educational opportunities!

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