What Happens when you don’t resurvey for 8500 BISP?

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in Pakistan has been a crucial lifeline for many women, providing financial support for those in need. Recently, the government of Pakistan has initiated a re-survey targeting women who have been beneficiaries for three years or more under the 8500 BISP initiative. This article delves into the consequences of not participating in this re-survey and the reasons behind the absence of messages from 8171.

Why No Message from BISP 8171?

Why No Message from BISP 8171?

One perplexing aspect of the re-survey is the absence of messages from 8171 for some beneficiaries. While some individuals have received messages, others remain uninformed. This discrepancy raises questions about the selection process and the criteria for message distribution. Understanding the factors influencing the messaging system is essential for participants to stay informed.

The re-survey will be conducted in phases, encompassing all eligible participants. However, only those who have received messages are currently part of the process. The phased approach allows for efficient management and ensures a systematic evaluation of beneficiaries. Participants are urged to pay close attention to the details provided in their messages, including the specified date and time for completing the survey.

The Importance of Resurvey for 8500 BISP

Participants of the Benazir Income Support Programme who have received messages must complete their surveys within the stipulated timeframe. Failing to do so carries significant consequences, including expulsion from the BISP program. Timely participation is crucial for maintaining eligibility and securing continued financial support. The government is emphasizing the importance of adherence to the given schedule to streamline the re-survey process.

Non-Compliance ActionImpact on Participants
Expulsion from the ProgramLoss of financial support from the Benazir Income Support Programme.
Ineligibility for Future BenefitsExclusion from potential assistance and resources offered by the program.
Disruption of LivelihoodPotential financial instability due to the termination of BISP support.


The ongoing re-survey for 8500 BISP is a critical initiative by the Pakistani government to ensure the program’s effectiveness and reach those who need it the most. Participants must actively engage in the process, completing their surveys within the provided timeframe to avoid the severe consequences of non-compliance. Understanding the importance of this re-survey and the implications of not participating is key to sustaining the support provided by the Benazir Income Support Programme

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