7 Reasons Why Your Family is Ineligible for 8500 BISP Program

An important update regarding the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has been issued, causing concern among families who have completed their surveys but have not received any financial assistance yet. The government of Pakistan has clarified that families disqualified from the program can regain eligibility by updating their poverty score and information. This article explores seven common reasons behind BISP program ineligibility and guides how to rectify them.

BISP program New Eligibility Criteria

BISP program New Eligibility Criteria

The BISP program sets specific eligibility criteria, requiring families to have at least five to six members. If your family consists only of a husband and wife, you may be ineligible. To address this, visit your nearest NADRA office to update your poverty score, and then proceed to the Benazir Income Support Program office with the updated information.

Poverty Score Above 40 Percent

The program mandates that eligible families must have a poverty score of less than 40 percent. If your score exceeds this limit, a visit to the NADRA office is essential for score updating. Once your score is within the acceptable range, you can re-register as a poor family through a new survey to resume receiving financial aid.

Monthly Salary Exceeds 30 Thousand

Eligibility criteria include a monthly salary cap of 30 thousand. Families with higher incomes may need to reconsider their eligibility. If you fall into this category, updating your information at the BISP NADRA office is crucial to align your status with the program’s requirements.

Government Job Holders are Ineligible for 8500 BISP Program

Families with members holding government jobs are ineligible for the BISP program. If any family member is currently employed by the government, you must rectify this by updating your information at the NADRA office to become eligible again

Family Members Working Abroad

Having family members employed in another country disqualifies you from the program. If this is the case, updating your information is necessary to ensure compliance with the BISP eligibility criteria.

Positive Bank Account Balance:

A positive bank account balance can render you ineligible for the program. To rectify this, ensure your account balance is zero before updating your information at the NADRA office and subsequently re-registering for the BISP program.

Ownership of Vehicles or Personal Property

Having a vehicle or personal property in your name can impact your eligibility. If you own such assets, updating your information at the NADRA office is essential to meet the program’s requirements.


The Benazir Income Support Programme aims to provide financial assistance to deserving families, enabling them to achieve financial security and lead prosperous lives. Families facing ineligibility issues should promptly update their information and poverty scores to regain eligibility for the program and continue receiving the much-needed financial aid. By adhering to the eligibility criteria, families can ensure their participation in the BISP and avail themselves of the benefits it offers to uplift their lives.

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