How To Transfer BISP New Payment 8500 Into Your Accounts

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has recently introduced an imperative update for beneficiaries, initiating the Kafalat Program slated to commence in the first quarter of May 2024. This groundbreaking shift aims to provide financial support to families previously excluded from BISP benefits.

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BISP New Payment 8500 Into Your Accounts

Starting in January, the Benair Kafalat Program will roll out payments amounting to 9,000 rupees exclusively for two-member families under the Benazir Income Support Program. However, this development also comes with revised eligibility criteria.

Who Might Be Excluded?

Unfortunately, certain criteria now disqualify beneficiaries previously receiving BISP aid. Eligibility extends solely to women fulfilling specific conditions:

  • Possession of a bank account or a transaction ID in their name.
  • No international travel or property ownership (abroad).
  • Absence of ownership of commercial plots or vehicles.

Impact on Existing Beneficiaries

Families failing to meet these updated criteria face exclusion from the program. Moreover, those surpassing the credit area score of 30 in the PMT (Poverty Measurement Tool) will also be expelled.

  • Regular Mandatory Families: Approximately 93 lakh families already registered before May last year will continue receiving aid in January.
  • Newly Eligible Families: Newly identified and registered families meeting the revised criteria will also receive support.

Essential Steps to Receive BISP January Payments

For existing beneficiaries to continue receiving payments and new families to enroll successfully, adherence to the following steps is crucial:

1. Verification of Criteria

Ensure the woman of the household meets the revised criteria to remain eligible for the BISP Kafalat Program.

2. Registration and Survey Completion

Newly eligible families need to complete the dynamic survey registration process to qualify for the program.

3. Account Verification

Confirm the presence of a bank account or transaction ID in the woman’s name, excluding any international travel or ownership of property, commercial plots, or vehicles.

4. Maintaining PMT Score

Regular monitoring of the PMT score to ensure it remains below the critical threshold of 30 is essential to retain eligibility.


The upcoming launch of the BISP Kafalat Program signifies a paradigm shift in the distribution of financial aid. While it expands support to many families, the revised criteria may result in exclusions for others. Staying informed and complying with the updated requirements is paramount to benefit from this program.

For further information and assistance regarding registration and eligibility, beneficiaries are advised to contact their local BISP centers.

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