BISP 3 Good News in January 2024 New Update

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) unveiled significant updates in January 2024, marking a pivotal shift in its approach to support beneficiaries. The government of Pakistan’s decision to reevaluate and extend eligibility criteria brings both challenges and opportunities for recipients.

BISP 3 Good News in January

BISP Expanded Eligibility Criteria

The most noteworthy change lies in the expansion of eligibility criteria. Former beneficiaries, who for years received benefits under the program, face reevaluation. Around 300,000 individuals previously enrolled in the program are now subject to verification of their eligibility. Those who receive messages prompting them to resurvey (via 8171) must undergo this process; failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the program and termination of financial assistance.

Dynamics Survey Impact

To ensure a comprehensive assessment, an extensive dynamics survey has been initiated, encompassing 81 districts. This survey aims to re-screen 300,000 women beneficiaries, determining their continued eligibility within the program. The survey will conclusively identify those rightfully entitled to benefits, streamlining the program’s efficacy.

Deadline Extension in Benazir Kafalat

In a gesture of consideration, the government of Pakistan has extended the deadline for reevaluation to January 31, 2024 for Benazir Kafalat. This move offers recipients additional time to fulfill survey requirements and secure their place in the program. It is crucial for those with children who hadn’t previously submitted birth forms during registration at BISP to rectify this by registering their children’s details at the BISP office.

Priority to Families with Multiple Children

In a positive turn, families with two or three children will now receive enhanced priority within the program. This alteration presents an opportunity for these families to access increased support, emphasizing the importance of registering children’s details during the BISP registration process.

Future of BISP

The reevaluation process is scheduled to proceed in phases, with the initial phase deadline set for January 31, 2024. Subsequent stages will follow, culminating in the completion of the entire dynamics survey by July 30, 2024. The outcome will determine the finalized list of beneficiaries, ensuring the program caters to those genuinely in need.


The current updates within the BISP 3 Good News in January 2024 New Update herald both challenges and opportunities. Recipients are urged to comply with the reevaluation process and ensure all necessary documentation is in order. The government’s efforts aim to streamline the program, ensuring it assists those most deserving while providing a more equitable distribution of aid.

These changes underscore the importance of staying informed and actively participating in the verification process to secure continued support from the Benazir Income Support Program.

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