Big Update BISP New Payment Started From January 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has announced a groundbreaking update set to commence in January 2024. This significant development aims to streamline payments for over 1.7 million eligible women across the Benazir Kafalat program in January. The initiative comes as a response to the challenges faced by many applicants in accessing their entitled support due to varying PMT scores and account-related issues.

BISP New Payment Started From January

In the existing data compiled by the government, approximately 1.7 million women fall within the eligible criteria for the Benazir Income Support Program, with a PMT score of less than 32. However, challenges persist for many in this category:

  • A significant number of women remain under pending procedures, delaying their access to the program’s benefits.
  • There are instances where women, although failing to meet eligibility criteria, have not received clear explanations regarding their disqualification, creating confusion and uncertainty.
  • The program’s limitations are evident as only 9.3 lakh women currently receive assistance, leaving a substantial gap in support for the remaining eligible individuals.
  • Additionally, 1.7 lakh women face account blocks or issues, hindering their access to deserved aid.

Dynamic Survey and Registration for Benazir Kafalat

  • Initiating from December 1, 2023, BISP commenced a dynamic survey and registration drive, encouraging a larger populace to enroll and update their details.
  • Families under special scrutiny, particularly those with PMT scores below 32, are being meticulously reviewed to ensure their inclusion in the program.

Resolution for Blocked Accounts and Score Corrections

  • Individuals experiencing account blocks or missing payments are assured of a resolution.
  • Recommendations urge affected individuals to procure their children’s forms from Nadra, submitting them to the BISP office to rectify and update records, potentially reducing their PMT scores for eligibility.
Eligibility and Payment Commencement

Come January 1, 2024, eligible families, previously struggling due to lower PMT scores or account issues, will finally receive their entitled support through BISP. Those encountering account blocks or unissued payments are encouraged to take proactive steps to update their records and resolve their status to benefit from the new payment schedule.


In conclusion, the upcoming changes in the Benazir Income Support Program mark a significant stride towards inclusivity and equitable distribution of support among eligible women. The initiative aims to bridge gaps, resolve issues, and ensure that deserving beneficiaries receive the assistance they rightfully deserve.

By streamlining processes and addressing discrepancies, BISP is poised to uplift countless households, providing them with the financial aid crucial for their well-being.

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