Benazir Income Support Program New Survey For Mens

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has been a pivotal initiative by the government of Pakistan to support financially vulnerable segments of society. However, recent developments have brought attention to payment delays and the inclusion of men in the program. This article aims to shed light on the ongoing survey, payment delays, and the eligibility of men for the program.

Benazir Income Support Program New Survey

Recent reports indicate delays in disbursing payments to beneficiaries. Many areas across Pakistan have experienced delays in receiving their installments. Dealers responsible for distributing payments have cited various reasons for withholding payments to women. As a result, numerous women have been unable to receive their entitled payments.

Instructions For BISP Beneficiaries

In light of these delays, beneficiaries are advised to exercise patience and wait until the payments are restored. It’s recommended to monitor the situation closely and visit the payment centers once the disbursement process resumes. The government is actively working to rectify these delays.

BISP New Survey For Mens

Responding to inquiries about program inclusion for men, the government has clarified that men are eligible to register themselves for benefits. Previously, programs like Benazir Taleemi Wazaif primarily focused on surveying women. However, the recent survey initiatives also include men, broadening the scope of assistance under BISP.

Survey TypeEligibility
Benazir Taleemi WazaifWomen and Men
BISP Payment RestorationWomen and Men


The Benazir Income Support Program continues to be a vital lifeline for many in Pakistan. While facing temporary challenges such as payment delays, the program aims to extend its support to both women and men in need. The ongoing survey signifies a step toward inclusivity, ensuring that more individuals can benefit from the program’s assistance.

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