9000 Benazir Income Support Programme: New Bank Accounts Bring Relief

To enhance the effectiveness and reach of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), the government of Pakistan has introduced a new policy aimed at providing substantial relief to the underprivileged. This initiative is designed to improve the lives of the poor, laborers, and the working class. Recent developments, including the launch of the Bachat Scheme by Prime Minister Kakar Sahib, signify the government’s commitment to uplifting the socioeconomic conditions of its citizens. The 8171 BISP news highlights the implementation of policies and schemes to benefit the people and contribute to the overall development of Pakistan.

The 9000 New Bachat Scheme

The 9000 New Bachat Scheme

The recently launched 9000 Bachat Scheme, spearheaded by Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar Sahib, is a testament to the government’s dedication to the welfare of its citizens. The scheme, as reported by the Benazir Income Support Program news, is set to run for two years. Aimed at providing financial assistance to the poor, laborers, and the working class, this initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to introducing projects and schemes that directly impact the lives of those in need.

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Transition to Bank Accounts: Ensuring Efficient Payment Processes

Acknowledging the challenges faced by beneficiaries, the government has initiated a transition to bank accounts for the disbursement of funds. Recognizing the need for a streamlined and efficient payment process, the government of Pakistan, under the leadership of Shehbaz Sharif, emphasized the importance of opening bank accounts for all recipients. This strategic move ensures that payments are transferred seamlessly, eliminating issues such as incomplete payments and long queues.

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Nationwide Implementation of Benazir Income Support Programme Payments

Recent updates indicate that the government’s policy of transitioning to bank accounts is not limited to a specific region but is a nationwide effort. The implementation spans across all provinces, including Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, PK, FATA, and GB. The government’s commitment to uniformity ensures that beneficiaries throughout Pakistan experience the same level of convenience and accessibility in receiving their financial assistance.

Challenges and Solutions for the Bachat Scheme

With over 7 million women initially enrolled in the program, an additional 2 million women pose a significant challenge in opening bank accounts simultaneously. To address this, the government has adopted a systematic approach, enrolling families in batches within each city. This phased strategy, with varying quotas for different cities, ensures that the enrollment process remains manageable and efficient.

Future Prospects of Benazir Kafalat Beneficiaries

While the current process faces some challenges due to its scale, the government is committed to overcoming these obstacles. As of 2024, the new government aims to kickstart a more efficient process, ensuring that payments are seamlessly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts. This installment-based system aims to provide beneficiaries with the convenience of withdrawing funds at their discretion, ultimately minimizing delays and long queues.


The recent developments in the Benazir Income Support Programme, particularly the transition to bank accounts, signify a significant step forward in ensuring that financial assistance reaches those who need it most. As the government continues to refine and implement policies, the overarching goal remains consistent – to provide relief and support to the underprivileged, contributing to the overall development and progress of Pakistan.

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