14000 BISP Insaf Imdad Online Registration 2024

The BISP Insaf Imdad Program, approved by the Government of Pakistan, is a lifeline for poor and deserving individuals. Similar to the Benazir Kafalat program, the Insaf Imdad Program offers increased financial aid, with the cash amount raised from 8500 to 14000. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to register online for the Insaf Imdad Program in 2024, ensuring eligible individuals can promptly receive their aid.

Insaf Imdad Online Registration Process

Insaf Imdad Online Registration Process

1. Official Website Visit

To initiate the online registration process, visit the official website of the Insaf Imdad Program. This is the primary platform where you’ll find all the necessary information and forms.

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2. Registration Form Completion

Upon reaching the website, fill out the registration form with accurate and relevant details. Ensure that you provide all required information to avoid any complications in the application process.

2. Registration Form Completion

3. Submission and Confirmation

After completing the form, look for the registration button at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to submit your registration. Successful submission will grant you eligibility for the program.

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4. BISP Tehsil Office Visit

Once you qualify for the Insaf Imdad Program, head to the BISP tehsil office in your local area. This is where you can collect your aid money and address any concerns or difficulties you may encounter during the process.

SMS Registration for Insaf Imdad Program

For those who prefer an alternative method, the Insaf Imdad Program also offers registration through SMS. Follow these steps to ensure your eligibility:

1. SMS Procedure

Send your CNIC to 8070 through SMS. This simple step registers you in the program, making you eligible to receive financial aid.

SMS Registration for Insaf Imdad Program

2. Collection of Aid Money

After successful registration, visit any Ehsaas program office in your local area to collect your aid money. In case of any challenges, you can also visit an Insaf Imdad Program office for assistance.

New Latest Update Insaf Imdaad Program

Stay informed about the latest updates in the Insaf Imdaad Program to ensure your continued eligibility for financial aid:

1. Regularly Check for Updates

Visit the official website for the program’s latest announcements and updates. Staying informed is crucial to understanding any changes in procedures or requirements.

2. Follow Registration Procedures

To continue receiving financial aid, follow the registration procedures outlined on the official website. This ensures that you remain eligible and receive your aid amount promptly.


In conclusion, the BISP Insaf Imdad Program is a vital support system for those in need. By following the outlined registration procedures, whether through the official website or SMS, eligible individuals can secure their financial aid and address any challenges through the designated program offices. Stay informed and take advantage of this program to alleviate financial burdens and promote a better quality of life.

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