Documents Requirments for 10500 Kafalat Dynamic Survey

The Benazir Kafalat Program is a social welfare initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to eligible individuals in Pakistan. To ensure that you receive the benefits, it is crucial to complete the 10500 Kafalat Dynamic Survey accurately. Any mistake in the survey can result in a significant loss, as only eligible individuals will receive money from the program. This article provides detailed information on the documents required for the survey and offers guidance on ensuring eligibility.

Required Documents Checklist

Required Documents Checklist

Valid ID Cards[ ] Expired
Children’s B Forms[ ] Missing
Registration Details[ ] Incorrect
Valid SIM Card[ ] Available
Utility Bill[ ] Available

Important Instructions

  1. Survey Completion: Ensure that you have received the survey message from the 8171 web portal, confirming the completion of your survey.
  2. ID Card Expiry: Check the expiration date of your ID cards and renew if necessary.
  3. Children’s B Forms: Confirm the presence of B Forms for all your children, with accurate details.
  4. Registration Details: Ensure that the registration is in your name.
  5. SIM Card and Utility Bill: Have a valid SIM card and provide a gas or electricity bill if applicable.

Eligibility and Payment

  • If you have completed the re-survey and have been regularly benefiting, your installments will continue as scheduled until 30th June.
  • After 30th June, eligibility will be re-evaluated, and individuals will be informed through a message regarding their eligibility status.
  • Eligible individuals will continue to receive payments, while those deemed ineligible will have their payments stopped.

FAQs for 10500 Kafalat Dynamic Survey

How can I check if the survey is mandatory for me?

There are different methods to determine if the survey is mandatory for you. If you have received the survey message from the 8171 web portal, your survey is completed, and no further checks are needed. Alternatively, you can check through the web portal or estimate the time since your last payment. If three years or more have passed, the survey is mandatory.

What are the key documents to check before participating in the survey?

ID Cards: Ensure that your ID cards are not expired.
B Forms for Children: Verify that all your children have their B Forms, and check if their mother’s identity card number is correctly mentioned.
Registration in Your Name: When going for registration or re-survey, ensure that it is registered in your name.
SIM Card: Have a valid SIM card.
Utility Bill: Provide a gas or electricity bill if applicable.


In conclusion, the 10500 Kafalat Dynamic Survey is a crucial step to ensure continued financial assistance through the Benazir Kafalat Program. By following the guidelines and providing the required documents accurately, you can secure your eligibility and receive the much-needed support. Don’t let a simple mistake lead to missing out on this valuable program.

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